Friday, May 29, 2009

** VIDEO ** Friday & May Perspectives

Today I discuss the upcoming June 27 Boston Bamboo cookout, my recent performance (or lack thereof), and reflections on the blog in general.

Please note in the video I referenced "2008" as the last time I had such a poor monthly performance at +$30K. I actually meant "2007".

Enjoy the weekend.


YM-Trader said...

OK Don, about 1:00 you were bored enough to take time to do a video. By 3:30 was the day "shot", "fried","dead" or some other adjective? I'm just curious how the day ended for you.

Trader Kevin said...

"Since the market is either not moving or my monitor is completely broken..."

You just had to wait three more hours! Wow, what a freaking last-minute moonshot!

I'd love to hit the Boston Bamboo Cookout, but that's my in-law's annual family reunion. Maybe someday.

Have a fabulous weekend at Foxwoods!

Don Miller said...

Chuck -

About the same as the rest of the month. Already moved on to June :-).


TheRumpledOne said...

Keep plugging, Don. Grind it out.

Vic said...

Hi Don,

What is your take on that last 15 minute huge runup!


Don Miller said...

Vic -

Anything goes in the last minutes of a Friday and last day of a month. At the risk of stating the obvious, I imagine many stops got triggered once the extended logjam range broke.


harold said...


Thank you for all your posts they are inspirational in all their honesty. Thank you.

Trader Kevin said...

Vic: "What is your take on that last 15 minute huge runup!"

Enormous volume around the cash close. 237K ESM traded in the minute before and after the NYSE closing bell. Contrast that with 63K for the same time period the day before.

When the thing trades sideways all day and makes a move at the end of the day, especially on a summer Friday, all bets are off in terms of liquidity.