Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Notes - Put Up or Shut Up

4:00pm Well, time will tell if my backing off over the last few weeks will work the same magic as 2008, when I also backed off in April to take a breather and prepare for the next push. And surprisingly (at least to me) despite the brief mental break, today's +$6K chip gain (the result of some nice emotional fades as we got some decent unsustainable extensions), has me ending the month on my equity high and puts me ahead of where I was at the same time last year ... keeping in mind the ultimate $+1.6M 2008 gain was aided by the volatile and highly profitable fall.

So despite the flu, pinched nerve, declining volatility, and general breath-catching, I remain on track for the '09 $1M goal ... but only if I decide to get my head back in the game in a sustainable fashion and pick up the pace.

And so we bid a not-so-fond farewell to April vacation in terms of less than stellar stats:

April 2009

Daily Gains: $93,937
Daily Losses: ($24,399)
Commissions: ($23,023)
Overheads: ($3,231)
Net Profit: $43,284
Win/Loss Ratios
- Days: 15-7 (73-10 Year-to-Date)
- Daily Gains/Losses: 4-1

And for the only #s that matter:

Net Profit Pace (vs. Continuing Annual Goal of $1,000,000)
- Last twelve months: $1,641,377
- Jan-Apr annualized: $1,178,610

For reference and comparison purposes, here are links to the previous 2009 monthly recaps:

And so it's time to turn off the cruise control and see if the recent refueling can get me through the next few laps with some momentum. The target remains crystal clear: the rare industry feat of back-to-back Million dollar years ... and with all public eyes watching.

Last year, we of course topped the industry's top CTAs. This year, I want the back-to-back $1M. I want to dance that dance one more time.

Last year, many said it was impossible. This year, I'm starting to hear similar grumblings, including suggestions that my recent backing off means the market is getting the best of me, I've gone soft, or that I can't make money in a less-than-volatile market. (Ironically, some are the exact same folks that said no one could make money last fall ... you gotta love critical spectators.)

I say bring on the skeptics.

At this end, it's time once again to put up or shut up.

Let's see if we can shut them up one more time.

Poker night tonight. And tomorrow will be the final spring mulligan ... the real work starts on Monday.


MBAGearhead said...

Nice month Don! Wish I could say the same. At least I ended positive. But today I probably helped you out with your 6k gain! You're welcome.
Bring on May!

E-Mini Player said...

Great performance Don, even more impressive considering you've been in "vacation" mode and taking it easy! Lets kick some ass in May :)

Unknown said...

nice1 don- pick up cheap pots while no one is looking.

p.s.- just curious -during trading day- are you a zen trader or a curser/mumbler/mutterer. i sit next to some big index etf guys who swear and curse all day long and i can never tell till eod if they are up or down.

ES_Addict said...

Thanks Don. Your posts are both informative and inspirational.

Steve K.

abel said...

Excellent results Don. Did you slow down or maintain your overall conracts traded in April in realizing your results?

How is your overall monthly / yearly net as a percentage of your account size?

Keep up the good work!


Don Miller said...

Abel - Last year's CTA ROR benchmarking was fun, but I frankly only care about and target net profit. Check the "My Views on ROR" in the key post menu in the lower left margin for why.

Pete- I rarely get really upset during the day, although being pissed at a prior day poor performance or getting knocked down early tends to motivate and push me.

... and finally I won first place in tonight's local tourney. Perhaps a sign of things to come??