Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Weekend Trader - View From the Bench

Plesae note I'll be travleing and offline much of Saturday and Sunday, and will simply let Friday's post and comments suffice for now as the steam continues to exit my ears.

Plus, my inner coach has told me to simply shut up and sit.

Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Don: Have you ever considered that maybe your not in "slump", but maybe that your prior edge or trading method just isnt working within the current market dynamics?

Just as race cars have to change tires for many different track conditions, it seems that maybe your "tires" that you currently have on are not gaining any traction within the market.

Seems like you are making the right choices; your taking the corners slow and not getting on the throttle too hard with the tires that you have on. Once the track conditions match up with your tires, you will be able to make up some lost ground in short order.

I bet you love getting advice from your inferiors...:)

Don Miller said...

Dom -

It's not the edge, which is timeless as it's remained the same for the last decade, decades before that for earlier traders, and decades to come for future traders. It will always come down to crisp and precise execution.

No doubt that trading is certainly about adapting ... by the minute, hour, day, week, etc. It's just what we do and of course we do it better some times.

But it's clearly not the batting stance, which is where most traders miss the picture as they go from stance to stance chasing the holy grail.

It will always be the batter.

No doubt about that.