Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Notes - "Day Off"

4:15pm For some reason, for the second day in a row I haven't quite felt myself in terms of alertness and focus, so I chose to trade extremely lightly -- only trading a handful of sequences for a very modest $5K chip gain. Perhaps one reason was that I didn't come into the day with any opening setup conviction, and never could ramp it up during the day as many timeframes seemed to be in conflict with one another.

Perhaps it was for the best as I avoided potential losses that might accompany less than optimal focus ... especially during the late day decline.

Call it a "day off" of sorts ... which I suppose beats an "off day".

A reminder we'll open the PalTalk lounge tonight at 6:30pm ET. I'll be in the room by 7pm.

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Quarrel said...

Hi Don,

Days off where you make $5k are more than respectable!

With ~250 trading days in a year, you need to avg $5k/day to hit your stretch of $1.25M