Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Notes - Playing Defense

Not much to say about today as I traded about as lightly as I have all year (562 x 2 ES; 103 x 2 DAX) and pretty much scratched on the day. At this end, I simply didn't have much opening or intraday setup conviction, and the market pace seemed choppy at best as ES wasn't trending on any significant timeframe.

The early DAX choppiness was a bit of a heads up for a possible ES slow trade, and I seemed to have heeded those warning signals pretty well as I didn't force anything and simply watched most of the day as I focused my attention on non-market activities. I'm surprised Pat at MF Global didn't call 911 when he saw my light volume.

Of course, we're also in the midst of Q3 earnings releases which will likely provide some abnormal Globex rhythms, and I expect I'll be playing defense much of this week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Don.. Been reading your blog the last couple of weeks and just wanted to say thanks. Its been a good read :)

Curious on how your poker playing is going.. I have never been upto Foxwoods before but I hear good things. I try to goto AC once a month and play in the 2-5 and the $300 tourneys.

Don Miller said...

Hey rock -

Welcome to the blog and thanks for the feedback.

There's a lot of room for improvement in my poker game. Last Saturday for example, I probably had my worst day of reads ever.

So I definitely have a ways to go there still.