Sunday, October 26, 2008

PalTalk Lounge

Sunday is turning out to be a tough night for folks, so I've closed the lounge for tonight and we'll reevaluate whether there's enough sustained interest going forward.

Enjoy the evening.


Sharky said...

Hi Don - I participated in your 5 day live trading workshop in 2004..still use what you taught me every day. Recently found the blog, and as usual you are delivering quality information in an unselfish fashion. I find the blog a source of sanity, validation & encouragement. Thanks for doing this..Colin

Don Miller said...

Hi Sharky -

Seems like a long time ago.

Welcome to the blog :-).


eyalmaoz said...

Would love to join, I really like your 'tell is as it is' videos. 7pm EST is tough for me though being in Asia. Time slots around before market open would be best, weekdays also right after market close are also ok. Of course this might not work for you and others so just throwing it out there.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Don - sorry I missed last night, I had other family commitments. I'm definitely interested but attending every week will likely be a challenge. I think if the schedule was once every other Sunday or once a month, it would be more feasible to attend. I just thought I would throw that out there.