Tuesday, October 28, 2008

** VIDEO ** Tuesday's Trade & Blog Intent

I thought I'd take a few minutes to supplement today's earlier post and discuss today's market, as well as reinforce the blog's intent to current and newer blog readers given the continued increase in traffic (now read in 67 countries). I'll also be referring to the VIX chart shown below.

Have a pleasant evening.


Anonymous said...

hey don, just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts through this blog. I think it says a lot about you when you blatantly turn down advertisers and refuse to profit from your readers. Well you sold me to keep coming back. I wish you much success going forward.

d said...

you are a class act, Don.
how many traders are there out there? how many are there out there with something useful to say? fewer. and how many actually share their thoughts? just a handful. we appreciate it, Don. Thanks.

jkuehn said...

Don...thanks for the video comments on Tuesdays wild action. I was feeling like I'd really missed a big opportunity, but your comments re-focused me on my real game plan. Sometimes we just need a reminder.