Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Notes - I Left in the 7th Inning!

3:30pm We had the best seats ... a corporate sky box on the third base side angled toward the plate. The food and digs were incredible. Yet by the top of the 7th, the place was a morgue. Not just the box ... the entire Park and city. Fenway was dead and the Sox looked old and beaten. Palpebon gives up the double to make it 7-0 in the 7th and we [and others] clear out of there to begin making our way to the train and then home. Someone on the train says something about it being 7-6 ... which we discounted. Then we get in the car about an hour later just in time to hear Drew's game winning hit ... on the radio.

2nd biggest playoff comeback ever. Largest since the early 1900s. One of the best Sox games ever. And we're sleeping on the "T" (Boston's subway) during the comeback, and listened to the final hit on the radio.

As much ribbing as my friend and I have taken, everyone has told me they would have done the same thing. Plus, we were exhausted from our respective crazy schedules. And I wanted to be alert for today.

The net result? One pissed off fan, but a solid $26K Friday chip gain due in part to a decent alertness that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't left when I did.

I've said all year that this year was one of sacrifice and focus. You have to do what others can't or are unwilling to do. Last night, I made a sacrifice. It hurt. But it hurts a lot less now.

I think it's the little things in the business that mean a lot. I was tired all day. But it was a manageable tired ... and exhaustion didn't set in until now as we pass the 3:30pm mark on a Friday. I didn't do anything dumb today, and even traded the 2:30pm - 3:30pm market whipsaw well.

Most of my trade entries were fades into trend support (including the opening 15-min support from Thursday afternoon) or unsustainable pushes, and I often clipped 1-4 points in this market which continues to provide incredible price volatility.

At this end, the week began with a -$11K chip hit ... and it ends with a $116K net gain.

The Sox head into the bottom of the 7th losing 0-7 ... and win 8-7.

I guess we both had them right where we wanted. When we both eventually go, it will be kicking and screaming. But you'd better do your best O.J. impression, because we don't die easily.

And so the journey continues ... for both the Sox and me.

I'll post a video tonight. Just please pardon the bags under my eyes.

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