Saturday, September 6, 2008

** VIDEO ** The Weekend Trader Beta Video

OK, call me crazy but I'm going a bit high tech and have dusted off the old webcam to personalize this blog a bit more. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I start this weekend's "beta" edition by briefly discussing The Psychology of Trading and The Tao of Poker books and their impacts on my trading.

Also, you may find an interesting exchange in the comments section of today's earlier post. (An excellent question addressing my tendency to not focus on statistics and my response.)


nocved said...

Hi Don

Saw your video this morning before church, awesome, great idea, look forward to more.


BTW. You look like Tom Selleck.

Anonymous said...

Hello don
I am a poker player. And am "learning about" trading.
You're Writing, I find insightful and interesting. The video as well. I hope you keep it up.
In case you are inerested
I happened upon you're site through reading Brett Steenbarger's Excelent blog.


Ziad said...

Hey Don,

I personally think this video thing is a cool idea. Definitely makes the whole thing feel more interactive and "real" so to say.

I look forward to more weekend commentary on a range of subjects!


Anonymous said...

I liked it, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for the video. It's a great personal touch. I am somewhat of a newbie to trading so greatly appreciate the no-hype, candid sharing of your day-to-day trading experiences through your blog.

GS751 said...

Nice video.

Anonymous said...

Don - it is helpful to read/listen to other traders thoughts and feelings on the market. I do not trade s&p, but I do use it as an indicator for my products. I look forward to your blog daily. Here's to going over the top - Lincoln.

MK said...

Thanks for the video Don - great idea. I like it a lot!

HM said...

Hi Don

great work with the video. Really appreciate it.

The comparison of trading to poker is dead on. The book "Poker Mindset" might as well been titled "Trading Mindset".

Looking forward to your next videos.


ps. hope u didn't hold any position over this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good job with the video Don. Very useful for some of us on the other side of the world that do not have many like minded traders as friends/acquiantances.

Best of luck & keep em rolling!

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with your comment that over 90% of trading is between your ears. That's a true-trader comment!

Excellent video, look forward to more.

aapl said...

love the video don...

ty & gb...


Anonymous said...

Like the video concept a lot Don. Keep it up. You've got a lot to share with traders.

Pat L.

tennisguynyc said...

Great video Don. Love hearing your perspectives on trading.