Thursday, September 11, 2008

** VIDEO ** Chatrooms & Trade Sizing

Thought I'd expand a bit on trade management concepts tonight as a follow-up to recent comments and today's blog entries.


Charles A Pennison said...

There is also an audio of one of Napoleon Hill's 1950's lecture called "Your Right to be Rich". The man's enthusiasm about how to become successful is addictive. I think that he truly believed in what he was teaching. "Keys to Success" is also a good read in that it focuses on his 17 principles of personal achievement.

I think that an after-market conference would be interesting if it remained a small group. Less interesting if it became a large group.


dan said...

I agree with Charlestrader -- a smaller group would be much better. Keep up your blog, I enjoy reading your commentary and it helps to know how others are dealing with these high "surf" conditions.


nocved said...

Hi Don

Interesting video on size management, something I'm working on during my rookie season. Will order Tao.I'm presently reading "The Art of Learning" an inner journey to optimal performance by Josh Waitzkin. I'm finding many lessons on managing oneself during the learning curve.

Lounge concept sounds great, where do I sign up.


Steve0617 said...

Lounge concept.

Yes. Definitely.

Just no Red Sox talk :-)