Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Notes - Sigh of Relief

11:52am I'll be frank as always ... I was growing extremely concerned about my trading heading into today, and viewed this morning's performance as absolutely critical to get the confidence back and stop the consecutive days of draws at two. As I've said before, 3 days in a row simply shouldn't ever happen and would be a huge warning signal in terms of a possible performance slump. I think it's only happened once this year, and even 2 days has been extremely rare.

Thankfully, the market served up its infamous day-after-trend morning meal, and we're also now three days removed from the crazy events of last Thursday -- time which has restored a more normal market pace. While I didn't load the boat on the early oscillations as I did on Thursday, I'm on my way to accomplishing my intended goals of stopping the draw and essentially putting in a decent performance. (As I mentioned on Monday, this week's P&L gets scored at the end of the week).

On the continual improvement front, I'm giving serious thought to backing off the DAX trading altogether which again was negative this morning. Maybe I'm finally listening to some of the comments, my P&L, and/or my body, all of which are telling me it's likely affecting my focus and ES performance. It's definitely been an effort of diminishing returns ... as it's not added much to the bottom line this year. I do use it to get the daily motor running though, so there's still been an intangible benefit for me that's impossible to quantify.

4:00pm Quite the afternoon ride ... wowzer. Had to scamper a bit on a few sequences and gave back some of the AM gains, but didn't trade the last hour and the schnide indeed stops at 2 days.

The important thing for me today was to just keep on keeping on.

Time should take care of the rest.

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