Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Notes - Staying Out of Trouble

3:49pm ES is set to close as an outside day as morning post-Holiday shoppers (the "buy & hold" kind) got absolutely torched. As I suspected, I had a bit a rough time getting the motor running after the three-day hiatus, so I looked at today as more of a stay-out-of-trouble day to get a feel for the new season's rhythms. Given the 30 point top-to-bottom move with few midday corrections, it may not have been a bad ploy.

I did manage to close modestly green -- nothing major though -- by providing liquidity for much of the day with the bulk of my profits coming on shorting the 1:40pm and 3:40pm retracements which helped offset other sequences that scratched or were negative.

Definite interim resistance in the mid to upper 1280s heading into Wednesday, with perhaps the classic day-after-trend scenario shaping up. Should that occur, I'll need to be on my toes in the A.M. to maximize opportunity.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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