Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Early Notes - DAX Part 2

Thought you'd like this picture. No need to comment as I'll let it do the talking as a follow up to my earlier post today.

'nuff said!

Also, since many have asked, here's a snapshot of my main trading screen ... in this case ES. Note the charts in the top and bottom rows are from yesterday's close (I don't show the Globex session), while the 3LB, TT price ladder, and Tick Bar charts on the second row are real-time as of 7:18am this morning. Click on pic to enlarge.

At the micro timeframe I alternate the top left chart between 1 and 2 minutes depending on the market's pace, while the 3LB chart is always 1-min.

I'm also working with my broker and TT to activate a feature that automatically logs my actual trades on a TT chart (which I used to have on another service), but we haven't gotten it to work yet. It's supposed to be part of TT's XStudy package but it seems there are a few bugs in it.

More later.

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Trader Kevin said...

Was really surprised by that second screen capture. Everyone I know has their TT on one box and their data on another. Thus, they don't have their TT ladder on the same screen as their charts.

As an aside, I was the box man in a pit-to-screen T-note futures arbitrage operation in the early part of the decade. I suggested to TT that they add right-click functionality for a different trade size and they made it happen pretty quickly, within a month.

My left-click default was 20, but sometimes I needed to get off size in the front month when we'd get an edge on size in the back month. After I got them to add a different default size on right click, I set it to 50.

One time I heard "Sell 500!" I had to click the right button ten times in a hurry. Was a few nervous moments while I went through the trade log to verify it was 500 contracts I sold and not 450 or 550.

How heavily (if at all) do you use TradeStation's strategy-testing capabilities?