Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday's Notes - 'Bout Time!

11:00am Houston, we have market pace! Exceptional volume, flow, and most importantly --PACE -- to start the month. 'Bout time. And after an iffy overnight session where I'd grade myself a D, we have a trader as of about 10am fully in tune with the market rhythm. 'Bout time. Oh where have you been old friend????

Frankly, shortly after the U.S. open I got flat out mad. Mad my executions haven't matched my reads this week. Mad I let this week's opportunities get away. Mad the Red Sox traded Manny. Oh wait, that was relief, sorry. Mad about my fictitious draw to start the month. Mad as in cursing to myself, tired of this bulls##t, and going to finally do something about it. Pissed.

Almost seemed as if the market heard me while at the same time my "traders" finally got in line with the "CEO". Small meeting, but you get the point. Dr. Brett would be pleased. Caught some decent panic entries -- other traders' panic; not mine -- on the 10:09am puke (long), as well as the 10:50am retracement toward 1262 (short).

Goal for the rest of the day is to not screw things up. a $17K morning and starting to dig out of the "hole".

Look for an early Weekend Trader later today where I'd better report I didn't let these profits slip, plus another one over the weekend.

'Bout Time!

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