Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Notes - Buyer's Strike

4:45pm Not too much to say today as much of my day was spent tending to non-market priorities. Turns out that might not be a bad thing as we gear up for possible morning-after-trend-day in the morning. I did trade lightly to provide some liquidity and keep my head in the game, yet pretty much scratched on the day as I focused on looking for double tops, bottoms, or divergences at the likely turning points for my primary entries, and the market didn't cooperate. Surging and consolidation seemed to be the rhythm of the day, providing for a rather tricky pace at times. Oh do I look forward to fall trading!!

The more important issue heading into Tuesday's trade is getting myself in that totally-pissed-off mode to maximize opportunity, as the last two days of scratches could easily be lulling me to sleep. I'm going to give that some strong thought tonight ... perhaps sleeping on the floor to get myself angry for the A.M.

Short post today as I have to head out for the evening.

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