Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Notes - There's No Crying in Trading

My candid (as always) perspectives on today.

And some needed levity:


Unknown said...

Hi Don

Does this day qualify as a MATD? I know it came back a lot today but it still ended as a sizable down trend today.

Appreciate the clarification.


Bob said...

Thanks for keeping it real - and the balanced perspective on it all Don. I always appreciate your insights. So helpful for a starting trader like me (for what it is worth, documenting my own journey here.)

Just a shout out because I have never commented before - your bamboo post was/is pivotal for me. Keep up the great work.

Don Miller said...

Erwin -

That's a bit like asking about the next day's Playbill after Lincoln was shot.

Given the chaos, it's probably not a bad idea to simply let the dust settle, especially with the jobs report due in the A.M.


nasdaqstox said...

great post - one of the best i've seen with respect to the 'flash crash' very humble...