Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Notes - The Black Swan Concept

Some thoughts on preparing for and dealing with "black swan" events.


E-Mini Player said...

Don, just want to say thanks for the recent posts going over this insane market action. A lot of people would not be sharing their losses like you do. Thanks for the continued transparency and saying it like it is. Would be awesome if you decided to start posting daily P&L like the good ol' days! Seeing your 5-6 figure days was very motivational :-)

True Vine English Academy said...

Hi Don,

Im new to your blog. I just watched your recent video and definitely was helpful in coping with the horrific event of last week.

I noticed that you use the term liquidity providing business and such and was wondering, what do you mean specifically by that? is it scalping for 1-2 ticks with volume?

or is it fading extremes of the day? Thanks in advance.