Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Notes - That Which Doesn't Kill You ...

"Shocking" as it may be, those of us who have been fortunate enough to trade at a very high % clip -- and who have made millions in this business -- still find times when we go through our own personal trading hell, which as today's video will show, can best describe parts of my last few weeks.

Yet there's something special about the market doing its best to frustrate and "kill you" -- as was the case during the recent flash crash (1,700+ YouTube hits and still climbing) -- and you somehow finding the strength to simply fight through it ("it" being everything from sleepless nights to plenty of sub-optimized trades while you again find your footing and balance) with all your might and fortitude until you come out the other end.

And while this "comeback" wasn't as pretty as some (such as the infamous October 2008 Monday hit which was recovered in only three and a half days ... perhaps age is catching up with me a bit!), I managed to once again stumble and bumble myself to a place where my eyes, head, fingers ... and that ever-so-important sixth sense ... are back working in lockstep.

As I'll mention in the video, this one -- while lesser in size -- was tougher psychologically.

Yet I now consider that market "loan" to have been repaid in full, and I'm now out to collect both interest and "punitive" damages.

As has often been said, that which doesn't kill you does make you stronger.

Nice try market.

You had your chance.

But you should know by now how the story always ends.

Now, where were we before May 6 at 2:40pm?


Trader Kevin said...

Nice try market.

You had your chance.

But you should know by now how the story always ends.

I love the confidence, but in truth, the market gets another chance every day. It is a relentless, remorseless, tick-eating machine, waiting for us to slip, to have a loss of discipline.

With apologies to Winston Churchill, success is never final and failure is never fatal; it's trying to grind out a living every day that counts. We must be ever vigilant and must aspire to bring our "A" game every day.

Don Miller said...

Amen Kevin.

I'll only add: show me an unconfident trader or athlete (same thing of course ... one's simply a mental sport), and I'll show you someone who should never set foot on the floor -- be it the basketball or trading floor -- as he/she has already lost.

Yet I wholeheatedly agree.

P.S. And we ARE allowed to occasionally relax ... just so long as it's after hours!

Stay well.


Dave Squires said...

" I'm now out to collect both interest and "punitive" damages."

This gave me a huge chuckle, as I love the turn about!! (sounds "appropriately angry")You beat yourself up so much it is nice to see your hand on your back.

BTW, I was in your room years ago with "Gio". So happy I rediscovered you.


E-Mini Player said...

Getting hit and coming back with even more strength is a common trait among great traders! Well done, and keep it up! I remember when you routinely had +$30-50K days!

Rich Harris said...


Just want to thank you for the blog. I am experiencing trigger lock as a result of getting hammered while providing liquidity on Wednesday. I was able to re-read your "Talk to Me Goose" post from April 16, 2009. Tomorrow is a new day...thank you.