Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Notes - Where's Don

Don asked me to write this post.

First, let's dispel a few rumors circulating around the web as to what's going on during his first extended blog break since he launched this public diary a few years ago.

Here are responses to a few theories floating around the web:

Don crashed his Escolade into the hydrant next door.
Nope, he doesn't own a Cadillac.

Don is pursuing his dream to play at the Masters.
Only if the trophy goes to the high score, or if there's a side poker game.

Don had an incredible trading blow-up.
Ummm, the April 1st post was fictional.

Don had a death in the family.
No, although that one will some day be true as his parents are approaching their latter years.

No, Don just needed some privacy to focus on some key personal and family issues, while regaining perspective on a few fronts.

Having a high public profile is quite a challenge.  For non-stop since July 2008, he's been sharing his intimate views with thousands of traders on a daily basis.  And for the last nine months, he's always been accompanied by other traders during the day, as he first taught (five teams), and then traded alongside the Jellies.

And so he just needed to "get away" from the public profile for a bit, and didn't feel it necessary to share details with the world.

So what has he been doing?

Well, he's been spending much of the last week helping his daughter Chelsea navigate through her final college choices.  Among her current top choices are Tufts (THE most expensive school in Massachusetts, and that's saying a lot given the Harvards, etc.) and Northeastern University. 

It's a substantial decision that also includes a $250K educational investment -- and yes, we're talking real dollars with zero financial aid.

# # #

btw, over the last two months, Don has had multiple requests for educational handouts in the form of (1) giving away the 16-Hour Jellie Webinars, (2) a trade of the full live Jellie training program for a useless database, (3) 100% "guarantee" of success, (4) someone asking him to give up multiple weeks of his trading income to spend with them on a one-on-one basis, (5) multiple people trying to learn to trade via email question after email question (sort of like that M*A*S*H episode where the guy was trying to mail a jeep home --- part by part), and more that are too silly to even bother giving them the light of day.

And for a moment, he envisioned himself asking Tufts if Chelsea could get just ONE course by any of the above. His side still hurts from laughing.

And therein lies the problem in this "corner" of good old "USA" ... which he firmly believes is starting to stand for "Usually Sitting on one's Ass".

News Flash for those unwilling to take a trading career and its required education seriously: "You get what you pay for", and "Work" is named that way for a reason.

And if Don is willing to invest a quarter of a million dollars over five years for a substantial education to launch a career, do you really want to fret over spending $750 or $1,500 to assist in building a trading career???

But I digress.

# # #

He also learned an interesting tidbit that might help explain his physical and focus challenge that struck suddenly in the spring of 2009, ended his $2.0M 15-month run, and was driving him crazy.  For at the request of his doctor, he had another Lyme test taken a week ago and there was some residual evidence that that infamous spider bite in early 2009 may have actually been a tick bite. 

And if that's indeed true, he was told that trying to trade through that would have been like a sprinter trying to run while dragging a ball and chain, and its affects can last for months.  Well, that explains a lot.

Anyway, Don asked me to pass along this update to put some rumors to rest and ease any blog withdrawal symptoms.

And yes, he's been trading.

Who am I?

You can call me Don3.

Don should be back after this weekend's college visits to Boston and New York.

P.S. Next Tuesday, the American Diabetes Association will be formally recognizing the Jellie donations and presenting Don with a special pin at their quarterly board meeting. Thanks again to all participating in this worthwhile cause.


traderboy said...

Don 3,

Excellent post & thank you for the update. Don, you will definitely be in my thoughts & prayers regarding the potential tick bite & your daughter's college choices. Thank you again for all of your help over the past couple of years w/ your blog posts & everything else that you do. I & I'm sure a ton of other traders are looking forward to having you back next week.

God Bless,

Michael said...

That's great Don3, really didn't plan on a good laugh this a.m., how I agree with the USA! I personally paid about $360,000.00 for my education as well.
Have a great day!

nursebee said...

For your sake I hope it was a spider bite.