Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Notes - Change in the Air

Today I discuss today's change in market rhythm & liquidity, a tweak I've made to better segregate my entry & exit traders, why I think you can feel very good about your trading if you nailed BOTH yesterday and today, and some experimenting I'm doing with an Excel program that autoplots time of day performance. Thanks to "Jellie John" who helped me with this.

Here's a link to today's time of day graph I reference in the clip.  Each bar represents the net gain or loss realized during the 30 minute interval beginning at the time stamp at the bottom of each bar.  Please note it's strictly coincidence that the graph reflects a good day, and I'll be sure to post a different type of day to keep everything -- as FOX News says -- "fair and balanced."  And yes, I squeezed in one last teeny trade after 3:30pm after I completed the video.

As I mention in the video, the program isn't ready for release and requires use of the Trading Technologies (TT) platform that automatically feeds Excel, so consider it a continuing beta test for now.


Unknown said...

Hi Don,
Yes. I feel very good about my tradings because I nailed BOTH yesterday and today, exactly as you mentioned.
I have listened four times to Jellie webinar videos so far and no doubt about many more re-listening will come.
The best $1500 I have ever spent on my trading education. I cannot Thank you enough for the videos. KJ

AgeKay said...

Hi Don,

you can get the same graph and more from "Trade Analyzer" which is a plugin from TT for X_Trader Pro. It is free but you do need X_Trader Pro. I love the graph that shows you adverse & favorable excursions and the end result of each trade. I've learned so much about my trading from that. Here is the link to the plugin:

MichaelH said...

Hi. Please expand regarding 'entry/exit trader' separation some time. As one with the superlative Jellie Webinar series (as well as yr vintage emini/qqqs programs) the 'camtasia' replay setting will be orders of magnitude helpful in hyper- contextualizing these best of breed resources and willb appreciated. Your journal/vid-updates are a de rigeur pit stop for a endeavor in which the challeneges never let up. And youre a great guy for it all ..go away some, get a tan and come back with more of the same, please.

Cru said...

Hi Don

Love the site. Keep up the good work. I was just wondering what kinf of webcam you are now using?