Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Notes - Volcano'd!

Call it "life-us interrupt-us" as I've been spending most of today trying to rebook my family's trip to London this weekend to visit my older daughter.

This once-in-a-lifetime eruption (sort of like the 2008 VIX over 80) has closed European airspace and is creating transportation havoc all over the world.  Not to mention interrupting my trading focus on a MATD!

So now, we're trying for a not-so-cute Cape Cod-Boston-New York-Raleigh/Durham-London over the next two days ... ASSUMING the airspace opens up so they can land on Saturday AM.

Got some MATD trading in, but it was minimal given the circumstances.

And 'twas an early bird day with the classic setup kicking in around 5:30am ET.

I'll need that massage tonight ... as trading is simple compared to dealing with air travel.

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Unknown said...

M.A.T.D. Hallelujah!!
Because of market condition, I don't make big points but small points consistantly. It is big improvement compare with what I used to lose consitantly during market chop day.
Thanks Don,