Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Father's Day Prayer

Dear God,

I imagine today's post may turn off some onlookers to this deeply personal diary, and if true, so be it as this has never been about the pursuit of fame or recognition in the form of website hits or pats on the back.

Yet for those who continue to read on, I hope this blog continues to reflect more on You than me, especially on this Father's Day as I search for continued meaning and immediate purpose in the life You've bestowed upon me.

As You know, it was almost one year ago where I was deeply stirred one night to begin sharing a personal journal with those who might find their way here. A journal without advertising, tools to sell, or books to promote. And while I may never know the real reason, I'm hopeful at least part of the true cause of this effort has been served in Your eyes.

You've taken me on quite a journey over this last year. For as we look back at this one-year window focused largely on the trading portion of my life, we see a microcosm of life in spades -- with all its ebbs and flows in terms of glory, challenges, triumphs, humility, and more.

For example, I keenly remember the day, immediately after the blog began, where I took one of my largest two-day hits in some time, as if to kick in a necessary foundation of humility before this shared trek was even a week old. In the context of the new diary, it seemed like a just-born spank to force us to begin to fully breathe. Perhaps it was an immediate test to see if I'd be willing to share the mistakes right off the bat ... as You always did have a keen sense of humor.

Then, a strange thing began to happen as summer turned to fall and You guided me into a prolonged multi-month focused zone to reap a harvest to end all harvests, complete with that momentary stubbed toe and return to humility along the way. Then, after a brief year-end rest, You piled on even more blessings on with a perfect January and almost-perfect February -- again with that one day humility injection sprinkled in.

And now of course, I'm struggling with both focus and purpose, due in part to a now three-month old health neck/back/nerve (choose one) issue that has taken away market opportunities and has forced me to reference the term "MRI" more than "VIX" over recent times.

Yet this is life. A wonderful, imperfect life.

And like life, I'm fully aware this blog hasn't been perfect. For while the intent was always to provide motivation to others, I imagine there were times when this blog inadvertently became more a testament to me than to You, and for that I ask Your forgiveness.

As we move forward, I thank You for lighting my path over the last 48 years, and for my own father who is in the final years of his temporary life on this planet. And while I ask for Your personal healing and a renewed sense of purpose as we turn another calendar page, more importantly, I ask for your Bamboo-type blessings on all who have found their way to this site in the form of true life fulfillment.

For that has always been the true purpose of this effort.

Repeating those final words of 2008,

"... if you ever get down, or if someone ever tells you "you can't". Because they're dead wrong. If you're breathing, you can and you will. Regardless of what the pundits say or how much the temporary pain may sting, don't ever let anyone take away your spirit and joy for life. Who knows, 2009 may very well be your personal Bamboo year." Don Miller, "A Night to Dance" December 31, 2008

Happy Father's Day.


Diem Trader said...

Great post!

Max Ghello said...

Great post!

Happy Father's Day to you Don

Here a simple gift,


YM-Trader said...

Well put Don. As I go through my own tradng day (as a relatively new trader compared to you...just 2-1/2 yrs. full time) I continue to see so many similarities with you. I even have similarities with your health issues. The only difference it seems is the number of zeroes in our accounts. Keep on keeping it real and not putting on a "guru" act.

Max Heat said...

"I imagine today's post may turn off some onlookers to this deeply personal diary..."

Maybe. But what a nice Father's day gift to our big Father in the sky. Nice job, Don.


DH said...


I "stumbled" upon your blog a couple months ago, but I can assure you it was no accident. Having read all your key posts it is clear to say that I never come across a trader that is as candid and open about themselves as you are. You have taught me so much about the realities of trading in these last couple months and how to think like a trader. To be able to look over your shoulder and witness what a trader of your caliber goes through everyday was something I needed to see for myself. It showed me that I am not alone in what I’m experiencing everyday as a trader. In fact, in just the 2 months that I have “met” you, I feel that I can relate to you more than I can with anyone else.

Last Friday (6/19/09) I quit my day job of 11 years to pursue this business full time. I do have a consistent income stream that is unrelated to the markets. It is small but it pays the bills and puts pressure off my back. And so now the journey for me begins on Monday.

I believe everything in life happens for a reason. God sent me to your journal because he wanted me to succeed in this business. And succeed I will.

God Bless you and your family, and to the readers of this amazing blog.


Don Miller said...

DH -

Godspeed on your new journey.




Why does this sound like a goodbye?

I think that even of you feel this blog no longer serves its purpose day to day then it would still be good to hear from you every eekend batting down the snake oil salesman etc........

Trader Kevin said...

Awesome stuff, Don, thanks! May God bless you and yours this day and always.

Unknown said...


You post moved me tonight, expecially this part: "...more importantly, I ask for your Bamboo-type blessings on all who have found their way to this site in the form of true life fulfillment."

God bless you for truly caring.


ShannonB said...

Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Really and truly. I'm about as green as green can be in the markets, just poking around trying to educate myself. Your blog is one of the very few I continuously come back to. Most of the time I don't know what your talking about, but slowly I am learning, picking up more and more all the time. I know the reason I come back is because your authenticity jumps right off the page. Never, do I get that shady vibe. In this all too shady virtual world, it’s wonderful to have someone to trust. And having been dealing with a bit of a personal struggle (whether or not to take the financial leap) I feel I may have received an answer from the One I was concerned about. I am so thankful for this site. Thanks for taking the risk to share.

Andy4 said...

Great post Don, as always "we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Thank you for sharing,

Hay Farmer said...

Thanks for the Blessing, Don. May you also be blessed as you have blessed the readers of this blog.

Happy Fathers Day-


Learnr said...


we are blessed.