Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Notes - Pea Shooter Day

3:45pm I'll keep tonight's post brief with a simple math equation:

Continued low volume + erratic pace + summer trading (close 'nuff) + many trends in conflict with one another + still trying to lock in a consistent "A" game = pea shooter ammo. And that's all I was willing to risk today on essentially a scratch day as I decided to wait for the market to tip its hand and thus sat out the early (and only) serious action of the day.

Not much else to add except I was pleased that I didn't try to force things after yesterday's expensive filling, and I'll let the video posted earlier this morning stand for the rest of today's thoughts (an important message in my view).

Poker night tonight ... two weeks to go for the quarter and I need at least one win to have a shot at taking over first from my current third position. We'll see if today's market patience carries over to tonight's session.


YM-Trader said...

I'm wonderng what "low volume" is in the ES? I'm in the YM...'nuff said about "volume"! I guess when I get up to 1k contracts a day I'll have to leave the YM. (just kidding)

steve said...

Although I saw more than a few references to 'bots trading against bots' today, I managed to be positive on the day. Interesting how the human element can still do OK. Would love to see some of your trade examples from this morning Don if you have that trade capture software working.

Don Miller said...

Steve -

No software in place right now ... no solution I'm content with.