Monday, May 25, 2009

Special Invitation - Boston Bamboo Cookout

At long last, the date has been set:

Date: Saturday June 27, 2009
4:00pm 'til whenever the fire pit dies out under the stars
Note the morning and early afternoon will be open for those interested in local golfing, fishing, beaching, etc. You'll need to make your own arrangements, although I might join in.
Place: My home in South Yarmouth on Beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts
RSVP: Required. Please provide name, email, and phone # by June 20 to me via email. I'll provide the address and detailed directions via email.
Cost: Zippo (We may pass a hat to cover some of the food if the group gets large enough though.)

While I expect most of those attending will be those in the "Boston Bamboo" group within driving distance, the cookout is open to all who have walked alongside me on the virtual path over the last year to:

- Establish or renew in-person friendships
- Share war stories around the fire pit
- Toss day-from-hell statements into the fire (I'll certainly bring mine)
- Mark the 1st Anniversary of silly blog sports and movie analogies
- Celebrate (belatedly) 2008's CTA-besting Bamboo year
- Celebrate (in advance) onlooker Bamboos in progress
- Then again, do we really need a reason to simply eat and have a good time?

A few notes:

I'll provide the food, "basic" drinks (unless you prefer to bring your own which is fine), venue, etc. Just bring yourself. Spouses & friends are certainly welcome.

I don't know if we'll have five or fifty ... my guess is we'll have a modest-sized group. But then again I didn't think the blog would take on an industry life of its own, so I've given up trying to forecast. I'm pretty sure I won't need traffic control though.

Lastly, please note this is not a trading or "listen to Don babble" event. It's simply to have a good time and get to know each other. Also, cookout crashers with any other agenda will be hog-tied by the group and forced to listen to Suzie Orman and Jim Cramer tapes before being cast into the lobster tank. Seriously, I'll be opening my home to all and won't tolerate any funny business.

See you then!


Unknown said...

Hey thanks for the Invitation butI"m from Calgary, Canada so it would be long drive. I enjoy your daily observations. Keep it up and happy trading.

regards and best wishes,

Marty Baer

MQ said...

Hi Don
Firstly, thank you for the blog – it is an inspiration for a newbie like me!
I have a question and hope it isn’t posted in the wrong place – if so, I’m sorry.
As a newbie, I want to try and avoid the crutch of technical indicators and focus primarily on pure price action, using indicators as a filter. Admittedly, I am very green and when I sat down to do my replays, I found price to be complete chaos with lots of contradictory movements, unlike what a lot of the trading courses and books [selectively] present it to be! So my question is, can you recommend any stages/steps that I can use to decipher price action in a logical way, or is simply a matter of putting in the screen time?
Many thanks and apologies for the basic question, especially to other traders reading this!
Thank you

MQ said...

Oh, and thank you for the invitation to the Cookout - sounds great but I'm based in London......!!

Unknown said...

Just posted this chart, "Stops we don't need no stinking stops"


(former participant of your inner circle trading group.)

Charles said...

you one cool dude! I seriously doubt I can make it, but please snag some video footage if you could. Hope it turns out well, so you'll be inclined to do another one in the that I can hopefully make it to.

I'm based in FL but have visited Boston a couple times-- very cool city! I actually stayed at a place called Manchester by the Sea, a little north of about BEAUTY. The whole town seemed "postcard". Is it similar to where you reside?(just curious)


Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

good idea.... please snag some video footage if you could. Hope it turns out well, so you'll be inclined to do another one in the future...
Hope the atmosphere will not be too stuffy or serious with all these egos flying around.

Unknown said...

I truly wish I could make it.
some video footage or photos would be amazing. Those of us whom enjoy you blog would enjoy the virtual party. virtual food and drinks on the house.
Blessings to you