Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Weekend Trader - Boston Area Traders

I'll keep it short today and let Friday's notes and evening video provide food for thought over the weekend as I'll be gone until late Sunday.

Boston Area Traders - OK, I'm moving ahead with starting a group for folks in the Boston and New England areas to get together every so often to support each other, talk shop, play cards, and otherwise have some occasional fun together. If you're interested in participating, please email me.

For security reasons and to avoid potential clowns from responding, I ask that you include (just cut and paste into the email):

Full Name
Address & City
Email address
Contact phone number (cell is probably better)
Trading Experience
Do you play poker? (I'm also putting together a local group of serious players for that)
Whether or not you're willing to share the info with others in the group

In return, you have my 100% assurance that the data will always remain private and never be used for commercial purposes. Also please note I don't use email for general conversations with traders, and instead prefer to use the blog so all can benefit from the discussions. The email will only be used for communication relevant to the local group.

The invitation is open to anyone within reasonable traveling distance of southeastern Mass. And once I gauge interest level, we'll figure out where to go from there.

If it's a bust, it's a bust. But my guess is it's a low-risk, high-probability entry point.

Enjoy the weekend.


E said...

Not an easy trek to get to Boston, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Glad to see you following through on this.

Not a card player, but would come for nourishing my bamboo tree if it is ok with you.

Have a great week end all.


B.S.trader said...


Read your struggle defining pace. I liken it to the judge in the decency case involving pornography when he stated, "I may not be able to describe what I consider pornographic and indecent, but I know it when I see it."

There will always be nuances in the market that only screentime will develop the accute sensitivity to recognize, that no pattern, indicator or internal reading will reflect.

Being said...

Hi Don,

I wonder if you use limit orders or stop orders for entries and exits.

Studying your 9 January chart, my guess is mostly limit orders.

So glad you are writing this blog.

Don Miller said...

Startrader - Outstanding observation ... indeed.

EK - All orders are price-specfic limit orders entered on the DOM (Depth of Market) entry screen, and exits are always entered ahead of time above or below the market.

I don't recall ever using a market order trading futures.