Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Night Poker Notes

10:05pm I just had to post this to vent. First read my earlier post today about pocket Kings.

I made it to heads-up tonight, and with -- you guessed it -- pocket Kings, went all-in and strategically got the other guy with 10-J to call. Nice right?

Then, the flop comes K (really nice now ... trips), Q, 4. Rut ro.

So trip Kings vs a straight draw ... still OK as he only has 8 outs for the straight.

Then the dagger turn comes 9!!!!!!!!!! Damn. And of course the board didn't pair for the then-needed full house or show the case King.

I love poker, and it's done a world for my trading as I've explained before, but this is why I've said by comparison, trading "seems" far easier. For seldom do such suck-outs occur in the market, and even when they do, it's never an all-or-nothing proposition.


Unknown said...


I cant tell you how many times I jumped out the window when that happens to me:(

At least he didnt call with 7-3...

Peter Coussement said...

Yeah with trading you need less luck. In fact as a trader I don't count on luck, i calculated it in that sometimes it's on my side and sometimes it's not.
Trading is also easier to control i think.

Lately I don't play a lot of poker. But i used to play online in 2 person sit and go game for real money. My strategy was the following, unless I really had bad cards in my hand I always went all in before cards were put on the table.
The strategy was the following, i counted on it that the other player mostly don't have the guts to go online. This way i could "scalp" little money which is on the table. As time passes, the default chips to set in rises, and the other player has less money so easier to play him out.
However lately I have been thinking to reverse my strategy, and to start very humble, my folding a lot. And then over time when the default chip set rises, attack the other player with the almost always all in strategy.