Friday, July 9, 2010

Update - Blog Preservation & New Innovations

Friends -

In the spirit of balancing preserving the history of this two-year diary with moving forward, I'm in the process (when I'm not trading) of creating a new & expanded site on a different platform that will host the best of the old, as well as some new innovations designed to continue to support and motivate traders of all types across the world.

The site will use WordPress (my new toy during non trading times so I can SOOT) which will allow for much more than I could do here, and is currently under development, but since I tend to move quickly I'm hoping to have a Weekend Trader post -- which I plan on continuing -- up sometime over the weekend.

So look for new formats & themes as we move ahead.

And keep the suggestions coming as we look to continue to strengthen traders in every way possible.


1 comment:

steve said...

Looking forward to it Don! Thanks for all the past motivational posts too!