Sunday, July 4, 2010

Journal Epilogue - You Have The Power

Please note the following epilogue marks an end to the current phase of this journal, as well as a new yet-to-be-defined beginning as I take an indefinite hiatus from public journaling to simply trade my private fund and consider the future.  Stay tuned via both the blog and twitter.

As traders, we search.

We first search for knowledge.  An in-depth knowledge of our craft so we can provide a market service, extracting profits to sustain ourselves in the process.

Along the way, once the knowledge is obtained, the search often shifts to that of heart and courage as we face constant challenges -- both internal and external -- that are thrust upon us on a daily basis.

Yet we're all searching for that elusive, magical place.  That place that can instantly provide the knowledge, heart, and courage which we lack.  That place where all of the market challenges have been overcome and are finally behind us once and for all.  That place where our career dreams are fully realized, and pain is no more.

And during our search, we stumble across an abundance of "wizards" who we're told can provide everything for which we're searching.

Yet with due respect to Jack Schwager, there's no such thing as a wizard (guides, yes ... wizards, no), just as there aren't any instant cures for those who lack knowledge, heart, or courage. 

For time after time, we realize that such people are -- at best, simply on the same journey we are -- and at worst, hiding behind a curtain pulling levers and pushing buttons that merely results in a grand illusion.

Then we realize -- usually to our surprise -- that the journey never ends.  Instead, the road (yellow perhaps) simply winds and twists as we encounter new places and challenges.

# # #

Over the last two years, I felt called to essentially remind those on a similar journey to mine -- through this diary and the more formal Jellie education -- that we're all on the same journey, and that the true answers lie within each of us.

You have the power within you.

You always have.

I simply reminded you in as many ways as I could think of -- through personal experiences, videos, sports and movie anologies, parables, formal education, and personal interaction.

726 times.

May the classic words of L. Frank Baum (please click on the link as I couldn't embed the video due to copyright restrictions ... and particularly take note of seconds 30-50), and all the words of this journal over the last two years guide all who venture upon these pages ... now and forevermore.

And may God grant us all the strength on our respective inner journeys.

'Til we meet again.


Unknown said...

What you have already given us will remain great asset to the trading community. Have a good journey my friend.

RoachApproach said...

As always very cheesy, but I like the message.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the blog Don. An interesting insight.


SH said...

Thanks for everything Don.


Jean H said...

A trading journey indeed, for all who care to reflect. In the same context, on this journey came into town for much needed supplies and discovered the Don Miller store. Time is relative (a two year stop)and it was an incredible experience. Am leaving with lots of "goods". Thank you for your wisdom, the candid sharing of your self and experiences, and the trading nugget gifts for us to use on the road ahead. Bless you and your family always.

Unknown said...

Godspeed Don.


Don Miller said...

One of the more interesting email responses to further complete the circle:

Thanks for the Blog! Trying to think of how to be concise here, so, really, it was a great insight into the life of a real trader trading. Here's an analogy. How to row a boat. 1.(very important) Sit in the boat. 2. Lean forward. 3. Dip oars in water. 4. Pull back. 5. Do it again. Yes, there are many other complexities. Thanks for showing us what its like sitting in the boat. It was very instructive (that word in no way conveys all the nuances of what your blog achieved).
Good Trading!

EC7 said...

Don you left a dent in this little corner of the web. Our little trading, commentary, blog area of the web is so much better for it after you have posted the last several years. Like, Steve Jobs said 25 years ago about the his goal for Apple. He said, " I want to leave a dent in the Universe"

I think you have accomplished this in our little solar system of the web. God Bless Don,.

And we appreaicte it all.


BirdMan said...

Great blog - sorry to see it go! We know you have been struggling with it lately...Too bad there was not sonething the "readership" could do to make it easier for you to maintain it - as you have a lot to share!
Good luck with your future endeavors!
Thanks again.