Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Weekend Trader - Update To Friday's Video

7/4 Update - I added the dates for the final 2010 Jellie Training session at the bottom.

Wowzer in terms of awaking to a flood of emails in response to Friday's video.

While I wasn't going to post again this weekend, it's easier for me to respond once via the blog vs. answering dozens of emails (and it's only 2pm on Saturday).

First, thanks for the tremendous outpouring of support for past efforts.  And while "thanks" doesn't do it justice, it's the only word I can think of for now.

And as I consider the future over the coming days, please remember that every book has a final chapter, and this two-year journal reflects a virtual "book" of 725 pages which can be bookmarked and referenced over and over again ... more than any book in my entire library.

If either of my kids took up trading, I'd essentially provide them the blog and Jellie Webinars, and ask them to make sure they read every post in the key post list in the lower left-hand margin.

I'd also tell them that "new" material isn't always necessary, which is why many of the classic books remain ... well, classic ... although markets certainly change from time to time.  I also personally dislike producing "re-run" material, which is sort of like reinventing the wheel when you can instead simply point people to the pile of wheels in the corner.  And many times, I frankly just feel like driving the car with the wind in my hair -- which takes energy not consumed by building wheels!

Regardless of what form this journal takes on July 5th and beyond, this living document and its spirit of the last two years will remain available, as will -- at least for now -- access to the Jellie Webinars which remain the most comprehensive educational product I'll likely ever produce.  And yes, I'm still planning to run one final live multi-week event in the fall of 2010 (Dates now set for 9/7-10/1), but you'll need to let me know quickly.

I'll update plans over the coming days ... so stay tuned.

In the meantime, thanks :-)

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Unknown said...

Don, Your blog is like coffee in the morning, no day is complete without it ..... There is not a single post that I did not entirely get something from and I want you to know how important you have been to my and my journey as a trader.

Thanks so very much and look forward to the future whichever way it goes.