Friday, July 2, 2010

Special Post - The End of a Road?

Some roads are meant to end, some lead to others, and some simply continue in a perpetual loop.

The next few days will determine which road this journal takes.

Have a safe, relaxing, and joyous holiday weekend.


Unknown said...

Hi Don,
First, I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your daily experience with the world (literally, I'm in Perth Western Australia).
Every morning, I look forward to reading, or listen, to your posts.
Second, I wanted to also suggest a way (maybean easier way)to use your blog going forward...
I know, personally, that I do enjoy when you show trade examples (on a simple chart). I find that they tell me more about the psychy of a top trader. I can see what you did and compare to what I did. I'm not trying to copy your trading methodology at all. JUst that I find it very energising to see not just winning trades (which too many so called educators in the industry only ever share), but more importantly, the scratch trades, the losing trades, and the missed trades. Shows me that even top traders are humans and helps me keep my own trading (expectations) in perspective.
I thought that this type of post would be easier for you to write as it doesn't require you to come up with someting new every day.
Well, anywho,that's my two cents worth.
Hope you don't mind.
Have a great Independence Day long weekend.
Hope to see you back at the other end.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don,
Congrats! Whichever road or path you take, just wanted to thank you so much for the insight and inspiration you have provided. Whether you realize it or not, you have had a profound impact on my own trading and internal psychological warfare. I wish you continued success in your journey and should you decide to wind down this blog, you will be sorely missed. But either way, safe, happy, healthy travels!

Thank you,

Gary said...

Hi Don,
Hope you do not stop. No one else is will to share like you do.
Simply said we need you.

Thanks for every thing you do.


Gary said...

Hi Don,
Hope you do not stop. No one else is willing to share like you do.
Simply said we need you.

Thanks for every thing you do.


EC7 said...


Your blog is a place of oasis in a sea of shipwrecked trading sites.

I as well many of my friends, would surely miss your posts.

You are one of the few sites that address the troops from the batlefield. You write from the "trenches" and that is a priceless thing for us traders that spend our hours and days in the same "trenches".

we hope you stick around,


Andrew said...

A very sombre tone to this video, yet another side to the DM blog!

You seem to have mooted at various times over the past several months that you were running out of new things to say with the blog. Yet more ideas kept pouring out.

Everything comes to an end sometime though, and you often need to close one door before you can open another.

Whatever the case, and whatever you do next, you've done a great service to all those who have tuned in and been willing to listen.

Like you said, it is all in the key posts. I find the closer I look the more there is.

All the best with what comes next.

Keep on keepin' on!

MichaelH said...

The question is what do YOU want out of this effort. If it's to help others like minded one would hv to say 'mission accomplished' and ongoing, simple. Why over think it.
Trading on your level requires air traffic controller focus; not abstract in any way. But this blog doesent hv to be that way to continue in its hi-calibre mode. And we appreciate your emphasis on high value(s). But who said it has a daily activity feed to maintain readers' interst. We follow what yr doing and privileged to be in the loop. I check in w/o promptg all the time anyway. So the 'Theme', is where do we go from UP? And you may need time to survey th ground from that height. In the meantime, enjoy the view. Youve 'arrived' and the path is higher.
Also, youve said repeatedly you no check daily $ trading balances; but isnt that sort of what youre (unconsciously?) trying to do here? If you aim for each word count or tag this effort with 'Magnum Opus' then it's restrictively not letting it trascend the label whi it will need to outgrow anyway.
Use twitter alerts, & post when you want, every week or bi monthly, with readership no worse. On the other hand, it all might 'be enough'; time will show. Don, I remind that you offered this and said 'let's be friends' and youre a good friend to all of us. Dont you dare cancel this blog, dude. Best of luck. (;

Tim Knight said...

I've always enjoyed your work, Don; but if you do hang up your keyboard, just kick readers over to Slope!

Unknown said...

Don while I have only seen some of your posts and wisdom I certainly hope you keep going with the blog and posts. Your honesty in your setbacks and challenges is what ppl. need to hear to keep it real.