Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Notes - MATD, KISS, & More

Yes, I'm back from the mountaintop with renewed energy, conviction, and a bit of an "edge".

Tonight, I reinforce some deep-seated convictions on NOT changing what works or overcomplicating this business. 

In doing so, I'll refer to the attached slide which appeared in my 2/15 NY Expo presentation (click to enlarge).

A reminder that a replay of key sections of the NY Expo presentation is available on the Livestream site (top left on-demand video) for those not able to attend.


Manjot Singh said...

Excellent video once again Don, reminds all of us what we hear all the time that it is not your strategy that will help me, its something i know that works for will help me, everything works all the time and everything doesnt work all the time, its about finding ones own rhythm :) always a pleasure to listen and feel good when i hear experts like you saying that it has to be kept simple and not take it like AI would do ,lol .

Andrew said...

Sounds like a bit of frustration built up over the day. As usual you tell it like it is!

Felipe said...

An excellent eye opener (coming from an amateur). Thanks for the lesson