Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Notes - Personal Trading Retreat

After exchanging some notes with Linda Raschke the other day addressing the challenge of staying motivated, I decided to move forward with an idea of getting out of my office and trading remotely for a week or so to keep the mind fresh.

So I've booked an oceanfront townhouse for the last week in May, which for four days will become my trading office after an initial weekend with my family.

The ironic thing is it's only six miles from my home & office (seriously), but will hopefully feel like a world away.  Yes, we live on Cape Cod, but not right on the ocean.  This will be ON the ocean (the arrow is my unit) ... although if it doesn't stop raining soon, it may end up IN the ocean.

Why the last week in May?  Well, I can't book it sooner (it's closed off-season), and rates will still be low that week before the tourists begin to arrive after Memorial Day.  Hell, I'm a trader. 

And the per-night rate??  A ridiculously low $130!  Talk about buying wholesale ... we're talking ocean-facing, newly renovated, two-story, central A/C & heat, a full kitchen, living room, dining area, private deck, high speed wireless Internet access, twenty steps to the beach and twenty-five to a 85 degree heated pool.

Quick note to Jellies - Other units remain available that week if you're so inclined.  I'll also be checking out the facilities for a potential fall get-together when the rates -- you guessed it -- go back down before they close for the season.

I of course won't have my full setup, yet as I've often said, give me one screen, two charts, an order entry system, and Internet access, and I should be fine.

My biggest challenge and possible distraction may be the fact that there's a strong wi-fi connection
on the beach.

Hopefully, the weath
er won't be too nice.

.S. And a very happy birthday to my dad who turns 83 today.  Thanks for all you've done over the years.  I just hope I can stay out of my own way long enough to become just half the person you became.

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Andrew said...

Nice post Don.

The retreat looks great. Forget the trading stats, in a year of reading your blog it's the first time I've truly felt envious!