Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Notes - Using Risk to Your Advantage

Tonight's post discusses a few key excerpts from a great speech that Charles Sanford, Jr. gave at the University of Georgia, which I found highly relevant to trading and life in general.  Kudos to Ziad who provided the link. 

The speech is entitled "Life Value and the Paradoxes of Risk", and I highly encourage you to print it out and read at your leisure, especially if you have any trading demons that may be risk related.

I also do some personal benchmarking to a list of stress reducing principles that was provided to me several years ago.  btw my reference to #8 should have said unattractive ... which should be apparent from the context.


nqtraderjay said...

Hi Don, Glad you said that there was very little opportunity for 4 final hours. I never let up my laser like focus on analysis but found nothing worthy of the risk either. It was very nice to have that early pullback rather than the frequent straight line. I entered with precision on that one...mismanaged in the trade, but that's my next goal. - J

Andrew said...

Don, I've been reading the blog for over a year. This was the first video post, on your successes and failures in reducing stress, that actually made me laugh out loud!

Open, honest and all too human. As traders or whatever that's what makes us all connect I guess.