Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Weekend Trader - Video Edition

Today's video focuses on some positive reinforcement from my coaching session today (me being the patient/student) and The Power of Full Engagement, both of which remind me -- among other things -- why managing energy and surrounding oneself with positive people and thoughts are so very important for sustaining peak performance.

Also, a brief reminder that we'll be continuing to grow the on-demand video library at with the intent of further increasing the amount of free "food for thought" content available for traders.  Please bear with us while the content grows ... and remember what ESPN looked like in the 1980s. 

Doing so should help us further balance satsifying the needs of those seeking comprehensive formal education (rare month-long programs), less costly or time-consuming efforts (recorded Jellie training sessions), and those simply seeking occasional snippets of inspirational content.  For there's likely a place for all of them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Airelon said...

This is actually a really, really good point - for those of us who do this in front of others, and trying to help. As my mother used to say: "A negative person will suck the life straight out of you" And in trading, that sort of energy is just deadly.

Actually - there are a few great points throughout this entry. Especially about managing energy / to enthusiasm.


Unknown said...

Hi Don,

me again.. (-;

Just some thoughts on trading live on TV. First, trading live on TV versus poker. Theres a big difference imo, cause, on a poker table, crowded with players, you just have more action and competition and the fact, that the audience is also watching "the whos next for dropping out" game which creates some "suspense". On trading, you would have at least to use some sort of split screen, showing YOU on the one half and your trading screen on the other half and, while showing on your screen the way you ACT and execute trades, at the same time you would have to make comments on what you are doing and why. Anyway, this would be limited by what you could show, the "mechanics", while we all know, that what matters most, the mental side, would be invisible. Just some random thoughts.


Unknown said...

...and, btw, i forgot, regarding poker on TV. Imo its not by chance, that this appeals so much to the audience, cause it has the "classic" setup for a hook by placing the audience into the superior position of having certain information (the hands) which the "actors" on the table didnt have...Hitchcock would have loved this. (-;