Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Weekend Trader - Start Spreading the News

In today's video I discuss the status of my own trading transition to block sizes, last week's popular "puzzle" post, my plan to limit live Jellie efforts to a single event in 2010 so I can spend most of my time trading, and the upcoming NY Expo.

And speaking of New York, we're indeed getting close to my return to the "physical" public podium after a long self-imposed travel hiatus to focus on my own trading. As of now, we're scheduled for the Julliard Complex (5th Floor) for 10:30am - 11:15am on Monday February 15, and I encourage everyone to get there early as we'll have a lot of info to cover.

I also expect to be in the Marriott Marquis lounge Sunday evening for those interested in meeting in person. I believe several of the Jellies will be there as well.

A reminder that we'll be giving away a free full 16-hour Jellie Educational Video at the end of the presentation, and here's an advanced copy of the MF Global entry form which you'll need to complete if you plan on attending and want to be entered. The entry forms will also be available at the MF Global booth prior to the event, as well as at the door of the presentation.

And lastly, here are some additional online jigsaw puzzle links that the site owner mentioned in his email to me earlier in the week. As I mention in the video, perhaps we're becoming the "Oprah" of site recommendations ... at least on some small scale: (the one I mentioned in Tuesday's post)

So far, I've completed 15 puzzles during the slow times ... which goes to show you that most of the trading day is spent in cash stalking those key "PJOs" (Prime Jellie Opportunities) where you can take advantage of unsustainable market inefficiencies.

Enjoy the video and weekend.