Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Notes - TV Beta Test Summary

Here are my thoughts on today's TV beta test and where we go from here.

Also, please note that this video -- and all future videos -- will also be archived on the ongoing channel at, which has some pre-recorded content (including a continual pre-recorded auto-pilot) which I expect will grow quickly over time.

As I mention, I've tentatively scheduled our first true live "program" for next Wednesday after the market closes at 4:30pm ET, which will also be recorded and archived.  Content suggestion comments are encouraged and welcome (and yes, the comment section is open today).

And I promise we'll get back to trading content quickly!


James Edwards-Marche said...


After joining you and the others for the test this evening/afternoon, there's one thought which keeps springing to touched on by an onlooker during the chat:

How do you offer something that goes above and beyond the regular blogging effort, without encroaching on the Jellie's (or webinar purchasers) right to advanced education??

It seems like a fine line to walk, unless we just fall back on more of the same with the addition of High Def.

I'm one of those who would benefit enormously from any new offering here (especially the psychological aspects as already mentioned), but seems fair to look at this from the other side of the fence (the PAYING side!)


ckerr said...

I love your blog. I have read the comments made this weekend about live trading and I agree that this is the next step in the logical evolution of day trading combined with live streaming on the web. We already have quite a bit of live web streaming talking about trading but very few trading live.

I know and understand their are liabilities but those liabilities can and ARE being mitigated by the few who are trading live right now. So, it is not impossible. And, I think it goes without saying that it wouldn't be free so jellies and others would financially support this effort. And, recording of the live trading could be offered at a later time for further teaching.

Anyway, I completely understand if one doesn't want to go in this direction, it would be quite an undertaking but I can't think of any other new exciting service to add to the sea of the exisiting live streaming on the web related to trading. It might as well be recorded.

Regardless, what ever you do, I am sure will be excellent as always.


path said...


I have followed your blog daily for several months now and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your insight, wisdom, and encouragement.

I especially commend you for wanting to truly make a difference by exposing what it's really like to make a living in this industry and to establish a trading community.

Unless I'm mistaken, I think some of your motivating thoughts were to provide a "CNBC" alternative for those desiring to become professional traders and to raise the bar for yourself as well as the industry. Unless you allow observation during the trading day, this effort will become a blog which you already have.

When someone learns how to "fish" it is important to allow them opportunities to experience their own "ah-ha" moments during live observation and discovery. Merely offering topics after the market closes will not begin to provide the "ah-ha" discoveries that most people truly need. With all due respect for the Jellies and those that have paid for your course offerings, surely they understand that this effort may be the answer to a strong personal internal desire and a longing to make a difference.

As Linda Raschke mentioned in her webinar, we all have to find our own groove. We all have internal desires and challenges that must be addressed in developing repeatable behaviors for top mental performance and to satisfy the quest for excellence.

In your blog, you've have been able to capture the spirit and essence of those struggling to make it in this industry and the decision about how to move forward is ultimately yours. I fully support you in whatever decision you make, but will be selfishly disappointed if this effort becomes another blog rather than a live trading experience. I don't believe your quest is as much about trading signals as it is about sharing and understanding the life, thought processes, and legacy of a great trader and humanitarian.

Thank you for all you do.