Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Weekend Trader - A Day in Paradise

What a day and evening ... one that will be remembered for a long, long time.

More to follow on Sunday. And yes, that's a small Bamboo tree next to the table.


eyalmaoz said...

Very nice.

Congrats on taking a step away and the foot off the pedal for a while. It'll make you "stronger" in the long run. I tend to work in a similar way to yours, I find that scheduling vacations for the year and committing to some R&R helps force me to take time away from the screens, maintain sanity and probably also the relationship with ppl close to me.

Enjoy the party.

Andy4 said...

Hi Don, wish I could have made it this year -sure hope you have a super time and think about doing it again sometime. very nice of you.

Charles said...

Don, just browsing the comment section of yesterday's "emotional" post(which BTW, was awesome...does it get put in the "key posts" section?), I just gotta say, you've created quite a unique place on the web.

As the Aussies say...good on ya mate!


A said...


I've been following for a couple months now. Looks like it's going to be a great time. I would love to be there (hawaii is a bit too far away for me to make the trip though) Wish everyone a fun a safe day!


Stone said...


Thanks again for opening up your home for the Bamboo BBQ. It was really refreshing to meet a group of like-minded traders. Everyone was really polite and delightful. My girlfriend still thinks I am crazy... but now I have real life evidence that there are at least a dozen other people as crazy about the market as I am.

I wish you a speedy recovery from your unlucky head injury. When you're ready, maybe increasing car size will light the proverbial "fire under your ass" again to jump start your intensity, focus, and desire.

Thanks again and all the best,

Henry & Melissa

123 said...

Hi Don,

For those who maybe wonder why success eludes them - my own recent "ah-ha" thought .....with all the interest in Michael Jackson's life there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence that he personified someone who was truly committed and dedicated to his craft. So it only stands to reason that all of the musicians who performed with Michael for his live tours would represent the cream of professional musicians.
So that got me thinking....I work professionally as a musician each week, but it’s a part-time job because most of the week is spent on trading. So despite approaching each gig with enthusiasm and professionalism, the fact is my level of commitment and dedication does not prepare me to play at the same level as those who have worked alongside Michael Jackson.
The band I play with always gets paid; we even receive our fair share of bonus payments and continue to be re-booked on a consistent basis because we perform to the expected level for the "grade" we are working in. But, I can admit, I would never have received a call to fill-in for Michael Jackson's band.

But in the world of trading, there is only one grade. New traders go straight to "A- grade" or "Division 1". Without preliminary levels to develop and work through is it any wonder so many new traders never make it! And how many traders realize that their "opponents" are the cream of the cream, who continue to train and work exhaustively at their craft? After all, to compete and win, doesn't one need to be equally skilled and prepared?