Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Notes - Par For the Course

5:40pm From a trading perspective, the only thing I dislike more than weekends are long weekends to try to get back into rhythm. And so it was today where I played the early session as poorly as Tiger putted this weekend, before ironically making a few decent trades on the 1:20pm break while waiting for my afternoon doctor appointment to turn in a very modest green scorecard barely good enough to buy lunch.

How's it go ... "Neither rain nor snow nor pinched nerve nor neurologist appointment ..." If you think you can make consistent keep by limiting your market exposure, think again. The market ain't gonna wait for your plans to change, and that Sony Vaio w/wireless access remains invaluable to me.

And so we remain in suspect territory with tricky green reads given the continued lack of volume, pace, and now earnings season. The current plan? Well, using an analogy from this weekend's Masters, I have one very simple goal to get me through April's current lackluster chopfest, and that's to par out the next several sessions.

That's right, just as all Kenny Perry had to do was to par one of his last two holes to win yesterday (what happened Kenny??), I'm just looking to play a few bogey-free trading rounds to keep my head in the market until I feel the momentum -- both mine and the market's -- have swung back to my advantage.

Until then, I have to simply avoid the sand and accept pars.

If only Kenny could have done the same thing.

A reminder you can access last week's presentation to Linda Raschke's team here. If you're new to the blog, it's a good overview of where my head's been at over the last few years.

Also, catch Saturday's video if you missed it.

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E said...

Defense wins ball games and golf tournaments, just my belief system.

Yet I also believe you have to stay aggressive when your swing is working if you want to win the whole enchilada.

Show of hands: Who, like me, thought bet the farm against Angel after a shank and then a stymie behind a tree on 18?

Kenny Perry is a classy guy (post tourney interview) who (ahem, u 48 year olds) we just had to be routing for.

Self sabotage is a killer.

I read in a blog where a highly followed Trader is still short from 38.

Yikes. Somebody remind him that previous resistance broken now becomes support until taken out.

Don is a perfect example of stretching his mind and belief system last year.

Tough to win on the tour until you do that.

Lest we forget, those top 3 finishers still beat 95% of the other players, so kudos guys to a job well done on a difficut stage with the whole world watching.

Don's the only one willing to trade like that...

Kudos to you too.