Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Notes - Scratch Day

4:00pm Keeping it brief today as I never did find my stride today amidst what I felt was a rather sporadic start-and-stop pace. I mostly provided liquidity today for an acceptable -$2K chip ding due to transaction costs and some blinds and antes on the speculative side.

So consider the day a scratch (technically the second draw of the year) which actually has me a bit relieved as I try to focus more on long-term bottom line. Seriously, 49/50 going back to December 29th was sick and again tells me I may be trading far too conservatively at times.

Heading out to see my Mom's new hip, so back at it tomorrow.


E-Mini Player said...

You and I had a similar day! I was churning all day and ended the day flat. Don, any tips or recommendations on how to not lose my shirt trading the open? The pace during the opening 15-30 minutes was a bit too quick for me (due to lack of skill/practice, I'm sure).

Don Miller said...

No tips E-Mini ... it's not always one's strength.

For me, whether I trade the open or not is all about whether the setup is there from the prior day's action, which wasn't the case for me today.


Unknown said...

you piker- couldn't nail the 50 day streak? must be boring making money every day.

nice job don.

just curious on last years pnl score- what percent of $ win came from the last quarter- ie. the huge volatility phase.


Don Miller said...

Hey Pete -

If you click on the 2008 Personal Challenge link near the bottom of the left hand margin, you'll see the '08 monthly equity curves.

As shown on those charts, the fall volatltiy certainly provided a very fertile ground.