Saturday, March 28, 2009

** VIDEO ** The Weekend Trader

Today I discuss some thoughts on the past week and recent performance using one of my favorite trading books, "The Tao of Poker", as well as touch on why I use so many silly game and race analogies for motivation.

Have a great weekend.


James Edwards-Marche said...

Hi Don,

Enjoyed this video very much. The points you refer to from the book apply to trading in a way that most won't understand unless they've reached a certain point in their trading journey. Rule 272, trying to improve on something that works and the destructive affect that can have, couldn't be more relevant to me personally in light of my March trade.

Really like the focus of this blog which, IMO, is mastery of one's own psyche more than anything else.

The "Trading" (methodology) almost becomes it should be.

Unknown said...


As I know were all built differently. my question to you is this:

Looking back in your trading career, how long did it take for you to have some of those initial mental breakthroughs that turned the corner in your trading results & gave you more “confidence” in your actions?

I’m currently hitting that wall you and the book talk about :( … and realize it’s a never ending journey for improvement.

I’m learning so much from you too- thanks Don!