Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Notes - And Then There Was ...

4:15pm Continued light volume amidst a declining VIX was the main theme for today before the final semi-frantic settlement action toward the close, resulting in another slow ES crawl to the north for the most of the day.

And with most traders remaining on the sidelines for the holiday week, the pace remained suspect at best with no clear shot for me to put on size on the anticipated early morning oscillations ... which were fairly shallow given the light volume (one of my concerns as I mentioned yesterday).

As a result, I again kept things light at 1,066 contracts traded for a nominal day's chip gain of just over +$2K and a monthly tally of $52K (lightest of the year). The monthly charts to the left have been updated to include December's data.

I do find it interesting that even though the VIX has" imploded" to below 40, ES remains trading well within its December range ... not exactly a lights out performance.

And so at 3:51:15pm, I closed my final trade of the race ... not surprisingly, a short scalp using the 1-minute ES and TICK charts.

While leaves me with one final post of this historic year ...

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