Thursday, December 18, 2008

** VIDEO ** Preface to 2008 Results Post

Tonight, I discuss importance perspectives heading into tomorrow night's post of Year-to-Date results and trailing stop. I also look for input with respect to continuing the blog into 2009.


Derek said...

don -

i say, yes, keep up the blog. your perspective and insights have been very useful to me. regardless of what or how anyone trades, you have helped shed light on many subtle trading nuances that can produce outsized cumulative effects.

it's been great getting to read about your journey this year and i hope you decide to continue it in 2009.

thanks for sharing 2008 with us and have a great holiday :)

take care -


Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

followed your blog with great interst. Especially your honesty and showing the difficulty to stay positive in this game every day, even for you, was very impressive to me. Futures trading is extremely difficult, and perhaps to combine it with equity trading would cut down the risk of a blow to the capital for a more average trader as me. Possibly this would be a possibility for 2009, i.e. how to combine both stocks and futures to make a living from the market.

Thank You.
Kind wishes,

Benjamin said...

Hi Don,
At the risk of sounding over dramatic i actually find it hard to verbalise just how helpful you have been to my trading this year. The way in which the blog gave me exactly what i needed exactly when i needed it was so serindipitous it had me questioning whether there was some greater force at work. it has been like finding the last few missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that i have been working on for a very long time and it has reflected in my trading results this year. to hell with over dramatic, you have changed my life! i am forever in your debt. thank you.

dburd123 said...

Hi Don, I just today discovered your Blog. I've started studying the options market with the intent of trading. I feel your Blog could be very helpful, you seam like a honest no B.S. kind of guy. Thanks Don

Doug said...

Hi Don,

I've been following your blog for about 3 months now and I've found it very, very enlightening.

Your blog has helped me see that in my trading I'm really pretty much on the right path though at times I might still feel lost.

By exposing and discussing your daily performance you provide kind of the "reality TV" version of what its really like in the life of a trader - warts, blemishes and all.

Your honest discussion of your thoughts and emotions along with the self-critical assessment just reaffirm to me that when similar things happen in my trading its all just part of the business.

And in no way do I think you're bragging or showing off by writing this blog and providing your real performance results. I suppose it is unusual, but along with the commentary that's also very much what makes this blog so interesting for other aspiring traders.

And let's face it, most of us got into trading understanding that the financial rewards can be incredible once the craft is mastered. It's inspirational to see how true that is as you're finally rewarded for the years of hard effort you've invested.

So from me, thank you very much for this blog. It helps provide a framework for my expectations and confirms that any frustrations and difficulties I perceive are to be expected - after all, it happens to the best.

Happy Holidays,


Steve0617 said...

Don - if for no other reason, keep doing the blog to show others that is CAN be done, that mistakes CAN be made and even then, profits CAN still be made. That's worth more than 'here's how I did it.' The knowledge that SOMEBODY trustworthy who is in their own home trading off a $1500 Dell and a cable modem connection made seven figures in 2008.

We need to continue to know it IS possible.

Anonymous said...

Don, I've been following your blog since August and I have found it very inspiring as I have struggled to learn to trade futures.
It's really good that you give such a full disclosure because I think you have to trust a person before you can except what they have to teach, and as you frequently point out there are many ready to lead people astray.
So, I would like to say thanks for sharing and I hope you continue in the new year.

Daniel Eigenmann said...

Hi Don,

Personally I would love it if you kept blogging next year.

Your blog helped me understand that very successful traders like yourself are humans after all.

When you read books or articles about 'super traders' they always come across as being super humans -people who never make mistake, have no emotions and always seem to be on the right side of the trade.

Your blog has shown me otherwise. Super traders do indeed make mistake, can be emotional and aren't always on the right side.

You've turned on the light for me and for that I'll be forever grateful.

Thank you.

Wishing you a happy (and well deserved) holiday.

Hope to read you again next year.

Daniel (Perth, Western Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hey Don..

Unfort youtube is giving me problems tonight, and I can tell you I am beyond frustrated that I can't watch your video tonight..

I can't even imagine if I couldn't read your blog on a daily basis. It has vastly improved not only my trading, but my psychology on how I look at my day. I would hope you continue, no actually, plead you to continue. But whatever you choose, I have to say thank you for your contribution to our little community.


Unknown said...


As a young trader aspiring to be a professional some day, this blog has truly been an inspiration. Of all the trading/market blogs on the web, and I've been to quite a few, yours has the sincerest most refreshing voice on what professional trading is all about.

Your blog has been a constant reminder that no matter how good I think I might be, or how much my skills have improved I can always get better, and push my self farther just as you have.

Thank you for sharing your 2008 journey, and if you continue the blog into 2009, I will most certainly be following you every step of the way.

P.S. The analogies and metaphors have been some of the best parts

Anonymous said...


The trading community is always thirsty for interaction from real, successful traders. To see and hear how you think through risk/trade management and the mental side of the business is extremely valuable. Your blog has taken on a motivational as well as an educational quality that is frankly quite rare. I was wondering if you could add a lighning round to your video blog to spice it up a bit...maybe some buttons that make funny noises while talking about trades :) You would be missed if you closed down the video blog. -Derrik Hobbs

E-Mini Player said...

Don, I read the blog every day after the close and look forward to your post, so YES, please continue posting in 2009! Your journey is an inspiration to the rest of us! Enjoy the holidays, and I look forward to tomorrow's post.

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed your blog tremendously. I've checked in on a daily basis for the past three months, deriving loads value from your thoughts.

I also appreciate how frank and candid you've been, this is so refreshing!

The industry is a pain in the ass. The BS, the false promises etc. If only one prospective trader stumbles on to your blog, before they spend thousands on false promises. You would have done a huge service to that person.

What ever your decision about the type of blog you run next year. I wish you the very best!


RexVulgaris said...

Reading the feedback; and I concur with it all, its clear your blog provides a refeshingly candid, intersting log of your travails of trading for a good mixture of people.

Bottom line though; by continuing the blog next year does it add value to you? Does it help your focus? Does it add to your bottom line?

Been very interstin


YM-Trader said...

Thanks for not making me feel stupid. I lose focus in random/slow markets.....I miss setups...I have losers....I make mental mistakes that I kick myself for. And you do to? Amazing! Your blog is very uplifting. Please continue uplifting into 2009.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insight. If you continue the blog in 2009 I will continue to check it daily.

MACDOW said...

Thanks Don
We all love your great blog and especially your open and honest views. Keep it up in 2009.
On a lighter note heres a short video for those seeking some light distraction.
Video address:
Thanks again

Anonymous said...


ditto.. I think you've achieved another goal of yours in wanting to give something back to the trading community.


Anonymous said...


I definitely concur with the comments above. If your time allows, it would be great to see you blog continue into 2009.

Seeing you set your 2008 goals and surpassing them has truly been an inspiration.

Best wishes, Sean

Anonymous said...

hey Don,
I check in with you every night and find myself in great company. It's not so much trading tips I'm looking for, everyone trades differently, it's more the joy of sharing in your day's trading experience. To me it feels like I can compare notes with someone at the end of the day which is very stimulating. Would love for you to continue the blog in some form or shape next year! especially the video posts are a good idea, I think.
Have a nice xmas


MK said...

Hi Don,

I've followed your blog every day since inception. It has become a part of my regular schedule, part of my daily inspiration and reflection before I begin trading the Nikkei 225. You probably should continue to blog 2009 if you find it to be of benefit to yourself. I enjoy the perch just off your left shoulder.

Enjoy the break. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

I was a member of your 2003 TM week long live seminar and your 2003 PalTalk room.

I truly hope that you continue your blog. I can't even begin to describe how much you have helped me.

I printed all of your blog entries and I continuously read them over and over and over again.

Thank you for everything.

Greatly appreciated.


P.S., Maybe I'll see you at Foxwoods someday?

Anonymous said...

Hey Don...

For me, your blog as been like a nationally ranked high school swimmer hanging out with Phelps for 6 months... he knows how to swim, but hanging with someone that is at, and propells him to the next level... just like the commercial... is priceless.

I know blogging on a daily basis is tough to do day after day... but i hope you keep on doing it in 2009... at least weekly... ie the "Trade of the week" and the "Mistake of the week".

I've enjoyed following along these last 5 months, and the few times in the paltalk lounge. Congrats on the year, and take a well deserved rest... after those last few kicks to the wall... remember that french guy is right there :-)

God Bless,


traderboy said...


Please keep the blog going in '09. I look forward to reading it every evening when I get home from work.

As you already know, I traded professionally in the past but due to various reasons, I had to step away & re-enter the W-2 workforce. My goal, is to re-enter the trading arena & to trade professionally again.

The opportunity to follow the daily trading blog of a successful, professional trading is Awesome! You bring much inspiration to me & for that I am very grateful. I truly hope you continue your trading blog into '09. Thank you for having such a sharing heart.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas & look forward to communicating with you in the future.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Don:

This has been fun. Take a break and see how you feel. Only you can decide.

Best wishes!


calihouston said...

Hi Don,

Although I only trade equities, I really enjoy reading your blog everyday. Like someone else said on the comments above it feels really good to know we are not the only ones on this journey, that there are other traders around the world giving their best to trade this markets from their homes and fighting thru all the obstacles of this marvelous career we all chose.

Please consider to keep the blog in 2009, I really enjoy your videos and your honesty expressing your feelings throughout the days and weeks.

Keep up this great work.


Anonymous said...

I both enjoy and benifit from your blog. Hope you will continue it.

Thank You